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We know that timing is everything! Whether you contacted us or we contacted you, there are 2 basic reasons we are connected; your professional future and the opportunity to connect you with people that will impact it positively. It may be that we can help you find that next level position you are looking for right now, or sometime in the future. We are committed to your timeline and being a resource for you. There will never be a sales pitch or pressure to move you to a new company – this is about you, your family, team and book of business. Our clients compensate us directly. Neither SGP360 or our clients will ever ask you to pay fees.

When SGP360 initially contacts you it is simply to make an introduction, get to know you, find out what your career goals are and what we can do to serve you when you are ready for a better opportunity. We value your time and respect what you have accomplished. We also know that we play a valuable role in your market – more than simply networking we can help you assess your current situation and give you real time feedback as to which companies are on the rise and which ones are falling or ready to disappear altogether. SGP360 is your committed Partner and your connected link to the next phase in your career. We can also help your circle of influence. You can trust that we will treat your friends and colleagues with the highest degree of respect and follow through.

The 3 lowest forms of communication are rumor, opinion and hearsay. Speaking with a recruiting professional to get the most up-to-date communication in the market is the best way to avoid making a long term career mistake. In the end, mortgage professionals make a change because they are lacking something important. They are in need of better support, better leadership, better compensation or a bigger opportunity to go to the next level.

Once we have connected you with our clients, you will want to be prepared. Communication is vital through this process:

  • 1st you will want a solid up-to-date resume. Go to to learn how to maximize yours.

  • 2nd you will want to complete our candidate assessment profile so that our clients know you best from your point of view.

  • 3rd you want to have your current compensation and production reports available for follow up and ultimately your offer and transition.

With smart phones being tied to email and text these days, you will want to bring your “A” game when it comes to response time to our calls and messages. Excellent communication skills are a sign you are a true professional and serious about your future.

If you are visiting our website for the first time and would like to upload your resume click here:  Once we have received it we will reach out to you to set up a time for an introduction.

As we connect you with our client base, we will take the time to counsel you on proper interviewing etiquette. At all times and in all matters confidentiality is assured. We will never share your information with any of our clients without your permission. Our reputation has been built on confidence and integrity. Once we connect with you, all your communication, information and discussions are secure.