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Choose your Strategic Growth Partner wisely…

At some point your organization will want to take advantage of an external recruiting source or switch to one that has a proven track record. If you have a team of internal recruiters you most likely know they tend to be stronger for company HR issues and on-boarding new people. SGP360 is best suited for targeted searches, i.e.; specific executives like a new CEO or Head of Underwriting. We also specialize in Retail A / B model production teams for specific locations to build out your Regional or Area footprint. Company mergers or acquisition targets are within our search realm and can exponentially benefit your company.

A Strategic reason for embracing SGP360 is to avoid the potential legal issues that surface as new hires pull production from their past circles of influence. SGP360 becomes your buffer to work around non solicits and non competes. We become the first contact and channel through which new talent is approached, decked up for interviewing and eventually hired.

Over a decade of Growth has been achieved by placing executive, divisional, regional and area managers; multi branch production teams and hundreds of singular LO’s with top 5 banks and regional mortgage bankers. The leadership at SGP360 has references from mortgage industry leaders you know, trust and respect. Proven results and the confidence of past relationships are the only measures of an alliance we suggest you trust.

Partnering with the right firm or recruiter is more than just finding somebody who randomly “scours” the market for you or sends out 100’s of LinkedIn inmails. Remember, the individual recruiter you work with is an extension of your company and actually represents you professionally in the marketplace. The firm you choose can either bring you the right talent and leadership or potentially damage your reputation, leaving your company exposed and at risk for becoming a source in the market. SGP360 would like to link our circle of influence to yours, impact your leadership and be your recruiting voice in the market.

SGP360 is both; a contingent based recruiting firm and we will take on a limited number of retained searches. Consider your options, both offer advantages to you.

A retained search allows your company to become our priority and move to the front of our daily dedicated search effort. An initial discount on the overall fee schedule and 25% of the retainer is credited back as a reduction of each placement fee until the retainer is satisfied. The savings over time can be substantial and a retained search gives your company a dedicated external recruiting resource which sends a clear message to the market that you are ready to grow. No part of the retainer will have “administrative fees” backed out, the full retainer will go toward satisfying a singular search or multiple searches over time.

Our contingent based searches give us the opportunity to source for you at a different pace. Without a retainer our fee schedule is slightly higher than the retained search. The production groups that we present to you will very often be looking at a number of different opportunities, which means your leadership team needs to be razor sharp and ready to act. All follow up times will need to compress when evaluating these individuals or your company will miss out on significant growth.

For either type of engagement our priority is that our candidates are a model match for your company, leadership and value proposition.

A fair and balanced approach to fees, SGP360 offers a hybrid model based on a small flat fee at hire and override component. More unique than a high balance flat fee due at hire and based on current national industry standards, the hybrid model allows us to share the risk / reward equation with you. If the production team does not perform as planned we will be compensated far less compared to a flat fee model. Executive Management searches are an exception and are still based on a % of total gross base salary and first year compensation.

We recruit but do not retain the teams we place. We research our clients platform extensively and put our trust and faith in their ability to support and sustain our placements long term.  Additionally all our clients are on the same fee schedule so there is no advantage to us steering a candidate for personal compensation reasons.

All SGP360 placements will come with our industry standard guarantee, 90 days for production leaders and 180 days for executives. We pride ourselves on being integrity based with a belief system that embraces the golden rule.

We are singular in focus at SGP360; we do not offer the selling of lists, surveys and studies or do seminars. Our encompassed focus is to Partner with your team to add leadership and production lift to your already dynamic and growing organization. We do not focus on support staff (processors & underwriters), however from time to time a high quality candidate will surface and we will gladly pass them on to your leadership team.

360 Search Process

Our full circle approach effectively means that we assume responsibility for sourcing the production leaders in your target market; impact players that will add production and value to your bottom line. We commit a level of resources to each assignment that has historically enabled us to deliver successful results on a timely basis.

  • 1. Needs Assessment and Definition
    The process begins with a conversation about your company’s target markets, value proposition and having your senior leadership fill out a company profile that will be shared with our candidates. Once we understand your company's position within the marketplace we determine how that may be leveraged to create an effective search strategy.

  • 2. Candidate Identification and Contact
    This process commences with a search of competitive companies and networking with established contacts. We begin the process of identifying and contacting qualified candidates wherever they may be situated.

  • 3. Interviewing and Evaluation
    Potential candidates are contacted, interviewed and qualified. Preliminary reference checking is done as needed, to address any concerns and to confirm interview impressions. Qualified candidates are presented for interviewing.

  • 4. Negotiations
    We address concerns of both parties, validating assumptions, identifying potential issues and assisting the offer negotiation process.

  • 5. Resignation and Transition
    From acceptance of the offer the process is further monitored through resignation, managing counter-offer issues where applicable and assisting in transition planning.